Program Highlights

Light the World Mission – A 501c3 non-profit organization providing free solar energy to villages without electricity or limited electricity in developing countries. We believe children in the hinterlands and villages in Ghana deserve the opportunity to do well in school by being able to study at night and have light in their communities. We support vulnerable women in children in our Sacramento region to region to achieve their personal goals.

Homeless Project –  We focus on helping our homeless residents in Sacramento County. The primary goal is not just to give them food, clothing, and solar lamps, but also to motivate them to reestablish themselves back to productive lives in society. This involves working with organizations such as Elk Grove Homeless Assistance and Restoration Team (HART) to help qualified individuals find transitional housing and getting back to normal life. HART is already doing this, and we are joining forces with them to extend our reach of service in Sacramento County.


​In compliance with the recent California Department of Public Health Policy Update on COVID-19, Trans-Atlantic Environmental, Inc. – Light the World Missions, have decided to suspend the homeless project until further notice. Following the updated policy in regards to public events in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations are urged to either cancel or postpone their events. This is an attempt to keep the virus from spreading. We will resume our homeless project in the future when it is safe.

Our first and greatest priority is the safety of all of the residents of our shared community. Our organization is dependent on your generosity and support which allow us to carry out our mission of providing solar lamps to the children of Ghana and our local homeless community, as well as sharing the Good News of the Gospel.