Going into the Hinterlands to serve and share the light


To inspire hope and individual achievements through education and the gospel.


Our vision is to provide solar lights to every community that has no access to electricity, provide age-appropriate books and supplies to young boys and girls, support women and children in our local region and abroad, and motivate personal growth in the community.


A 501c3 non-profit organization providing free solar energy to villages without electricity or limited electricity in developing countries. We believe children in the hinterlands and villages in Ghana deserve the opportunity to do well in school by being able to study at night and have light in their communities. We support vulnerable women in children in our Sacramento region to region to achieve their personal goals.


Each year, we pick a community in a rural area in Ghana that has either limited or no electricity. We work with a local organization, such as Rotary and the Meaningful Life Ministries, to visit and provide solar lamps to members of the community. We also share the Gospel with them. We engage with displaced or vulnerable women and children in refuge homes in the Sacramento region to give hope and motivation.


We do what we do because we believe God has sent us to give Light to the hinterlands of Ghana and share the Light of the World. It is our way of giving back. We continue to be inspired by these words: “And if you give yourself to the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then your light will rise in darkness, and your gloom will become like midday.”


To help reduce the negative effects of the use of kerosene lanterns in rural communities in Ghana, share the Light of the Gospel and promote education and self-development.


Residents in rural communities in Ghana with limited or no electricity. They use kerosene lanterns as their main source of light. Kerosene lanterns produce fumes and dangerous gases that cause respiratory diseases in these communities. Displaced and vulnerable women and children in the Sacramento region.


Giving back to the country of Ghana has been an amazing privilege. These solar lamps provide light for the families, allow the students to study at night, help teachers prepare the lessons, prevent accidental fires, help birthing at night, and most importantly, reduce the impact of respiratory diseases in the communities. Serving women and children who are displaced due to domestic violence and other hash conditions has resulted in extraordinary success stories of women who have risen form ‘ashes’ to great success in their personal quest for restoration and growth.