Light the World Campaign donates solar lamps to school kids, Lighting the path to a brighter future!

Sankofa Lite | 2016-17
What joy it was for me to see the children of Logba Tota, Dufi & Abayeme smile when we donated solar powered lanterns, exercise and text books to them on Sunday 26th February 2017 ! They were all smiles.

The Abayeme and Dufi villages are high up the Logba mountains. We drove about 20-25 minutes through cocoa farms, thick bushes and very dangerous places to get to Tota, the lowest part of the area from off the Eastern Corridor roads in the Volta Region. Tota is the lowest of the area to which electricity power could be accessed. To get to Abayeme and Dufi, one will have to climb another 2hrs up the mountain by foot. It has therefore been impossible to get electrical power to them (at least, in our minds or those of our politicians). So even though these people are part of Ghana and actually vote too, they cannot benefit from the “national cake”. The are are farmers and produce cocoa, banana, coffee, etc which they carry down the mountains on their heads.

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