TrueStory 1

Light the World Campaign donates solar lamps to school kids, Lighting the path to a brighter future! Read More

TrueStory 2

A campaign to squash the negative effects of kerosene lanterns on poor families in developing countries Read More

TrueStory 3

The African Diaspora has made significant contributions to modern America; in business, education, sports, just to name a few. Read More


To help reduce the negative effects of the use of kerosene lanterns in rural communities in Ghana, share the Light of the Gospel and promote education.


As a Ghanaian born, giving back to the country of Ghana has been an amazing privilege. These solar lamps provide light for the families, allow the students to study at night, help the teachers prepare their lessons, prevent accidental fires, help birthing at night, and most importantly, reduce the impact of respiratory diseases in the communities.

Sankofa Lite Vol 1 - 2018

The Harvest

Harvest often comes with investment of time, effort, and connection.

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Sankofa Lite 2016-17

Light the World Campaign

What joy it was for me to see the children of Logba Tota..

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Sankofa Lite 2014-15

A campaign to squash

The immediate desire is to bring solar lamps to roughly 2,000 households..

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