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Latest Newsflash


An evening with the Placerville Soroptimists

The Soroptimist is an international volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls in their local communities and around the world. This mission aligns with one of the goals of Trans-Atlantic Environmental's (TAE) Light the World Campaign.  The campaign is focused on replacing hazardous kerosene lanterns with environmentally safe and sustainable solar lanterns.  TAE President Dr. Kwame Acquaah was invited to speak to the Placerville Soroptimist Club on June 11, 2014. Dr. Kwame was invited by the 'life loving' Mrs. Debbie Rice, a member of the Placerville Soroptimist Club.


Placerville Soroptimist Debbie Rice with Dr. Kwame Acquaah

The meeting began with a luscious dinner and a round table introduction of all the fabulous women who have committed to doing some good around the world. Dr. Kwame spoke with the club about his vision for third world countries and the need for international awareness of the harm kerosene lanterns are causing to poor families around the world, mostly women and children.  The smoke from polluting and inefficient cooking, lighting, and heating devices kills nearly 2 million people every year, primarily women and children. A single kerosene lantern produces 100kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) if burned for 4 hours. In these poor places, the only source of light at night is the kerosene lantern.

The evening was filled with great interest in the campaign and the club promised to look into how they can take this further and participate in the campaign.

Campaign Overview with Assemblies of God - DCDM Board

A few months ago, TAE President, Dr. Kwame Acquaah, had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with Dr. Sam Huddleston, the Assistant Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Northern California & Nevada District. Dr. Huddleston is also in charge of Missions.

                                                                       Dr. (Nana) Sam & Linda Huddleston

The meeting was sparkling and so exciting that a 30-minute meeting turned into a couple of hours. The joy of lighting the world through Light the World Campaign immediately brought the two men together and established a bond and a quest to find ways to spread the awareness and support for the campaign.

As a result, Dr. Kwame was invited to share his campaign at the District Churches District Missions (DCDM) Board meeting on June 19 at the Assemblies of God Northern California Nevada (AGNCN) office in Sacramento. The meeting was attended by board members representing over 450 churches in the district. The Board was receptive to the Campaign. Several of the Board members were very excited about the campaign, especially the Tongan and the Pacific Island churches who were very familiar with the health and environmental dangers of the kerosene lantern. The Board voted on the initiative and the result of their vote is expected soon.

Breakfast Meeting with Laguna Sunrise Rotary Club

Laguna Sunrise Rotary President, Angela Spease, presided over her last meeting on June 25, 2014. It was probably the better finale to all the weekly presentations. Dr. Kwame Acquaah, also a Laguna Sunrise Rotarian, presented Light the World Campaign to his fellow Rotarians. It was an emotional, passionate and yet compelling message about the need to replace kerosene lanterns with solar lanterns in developing countries.


Dr. Kwame Acquaah speaking at the Breakfast meeting with Laguna Sunrise Rotary Club on Wednesday June 25, 2014

Councilman Kevin Spease commented that 'yesterday, we learned more about the problems of kerosene lamps in Ghana and what my good friend and Rotarian, Daniel Kwame Acquaah and his foundation, Light the World, are doing to bring solar lamps to mothers and children in Ghana'. Many others were moved to act and make a difference. The Board will be voting soon in mid-July to move the project forward.

TAE Gets Membership Plaque at Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Since the summer campaign for Light the World launched about a month and half ago, TAE has been working hard to ensure that at least 2,000 solar lanterns are sent to Bongo and its neighboring communities. The Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce has been supporting TAE's effort to spread the word. In addition to a news blast a month ago, the Chamber recognized TAE in a luncheon sponsored by Well Fargo Bank on June 27th at the Valley Hi Country Golf Club. 

(Left to Right) David Hipskind- The Red Door Antiques Vintage & More ; Dominic Oaxaca- Caliber Collision; Aminah Challenger- Appearance for Design; Tuwe Mehn & Dr. Kwame Acquaah-Trans-Atlantic Environmental, Inc.; Barbara Feist-Closet Factory; and Raymond Hitchcock- Wilton Rancheria

Other local business were recognized at the luncheon (picture above). TAE President Dr. Kwame Acquaah shared briefly on Light the World Campaign to the group of local businesses who were present at the luncheon. The keynote speaker was former Sacramento Sherriff John McGinnis.

Sherriff John McGinnis

Mr. McGinnis talked about the role of commerce in policy and political decisions that affect business. The involvement of business owners is important to the long term success of decisions made by politicians, he said. He referenced several instances where politicians have made critical decisions without consulting significant stakeholders. The result, he claims, has been wasted resources and eventually a financial burden on citizens. Which he believes eventually affects commerce.

The luncheon was an excellent mixer for local business leaders and a perfect opportunity for networking. Several key community leaders inquired further into TAE's work in developing countries and the concept of resolving key health and environmental issues in these regions by replacing kerosene lanterns with solar lanterns.

Current Chamber Vice President Nancy Milton recently joined the TAE Board of Directors. She has been a tremendous support for TAE.  She is pictured below with former Chamber President Jerry Mayberry, Tuwe Mehn and Kwame Acquaah.

(L to R) Tuwe Mehn, Jerry Mayberry, Kwame Acquaah, Nancy Milton